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It all began with the need for ecological building. Frank Reiche and Robert Schwemmer developed the vision and the demand for pure, natural, and contaminant-free building materials. After performing scientific studies, the decisive breakthrough for producing sustainable and innovative products was found in cattail. Its natural moisture regulation provides a healthy, comfortable room climate, yet it is still resilient. When processed, cattail also does not require any further additives that are harmful to our environment. While growing, it takes in an amount of CO2 many times greater than that of our forests over a comparable period of time. For CO2 neutral building, this is a key advantage.

Even today, our vision goes on and we are making visible tracks: We use nature’s strengths to create living spaces, using clean technologies to tailor them to the ecological needs of our time. Our sustainability policy guarantees it.











We make ecologically sustainable products

using success models in nature.




 The CEOs Robert Schwemmer and Frank Reiche have been jointly managing the company since 2009 and are committed to NAPORO’s interests. They are responsible for company policies and strategic direction. In doing so, they take the advantages from their expansive network and unit them with creative passion.

They run their successful business with a profound understanding for the interplay between markets and solutions. The executive management uses this know-how to develop innovative building materials

Robert Schwemmer        Frank Reiche    

Robert Schwemmer, Architect
Born April 23, 1977; responsible for the divisions of Research & Development and Production & Logistics. He began his research and development work on typha all the way back in 2001.

Frank Reiche, Business Professional
Born July 9, 1956; responsible for the divisions of Corporate Development, Finances, and Controlling.