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Wall insulation board made from hemp 

NAPOROwall is a sustainable wall insulation board made from hemp. The material can be used on massive exterior walls at new buildings and at reconstructions.

Like a second skin NAPOROwall is open to diffusion and enables the walls of a building to breathe. Thereby the surfaces are high impact-proof - that makes the facades less vulnerable to hail or to feisty children.

If you live at a noisy street or close by an airport, you will also appreciate NAPOROwall. The innovative insulation material improves sound insulation of the exterior walls substantially.
Accordingly you will be able to sleep easy - with a clean conscience and a good feeling for the environment, your home and your family.

NAPOROwall - the premium facade.


NAPOROwall is processed like other current products for ETICS.

The material can be cut very easy and clean.

The mountain holes for the plugs are factory-prebored.

NAPOROwall_1.2.png NAPOROwall_3.png NAPOROwall_6.png NAPOROwall_9.1.png NAPOROwall_9.6.png
NAPOROwall_12.png NAPOROwall_13.png NAPOROwall_14.png NAPOROwall_15.png NAPOROwall_19.png


Length x Width in mm 625 x 800  
Thicknesses in mm 80/100/120/140/160/180/200  
Binding fiber PES (Polyester)  
Edge formation blunt  
Thermal conductivity 0,040  
Density (kg/m3) 100  
Weight per pallet (kg) 320  
Steam diffusion (μ) 3,9  
Construction material class according to DIN4102 B2  
Fire behaviour: DIN EN 13501-1 E  
Flame retardants (< 1%) Ammoniumsalz  


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