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Industrial hemp is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Hemp grows very fast (7 cm per day), prospers on nearly every ground and the plant is entirely usable. Besides food (oil, seeds) and medicine the universal plant supplies extreme tearproof fibers what makes hemp conspicuous as an ideal raw material for the building, paper and textile production. Moreover the production of hemp products needs less energy than for example processing wood. For all these reasons we have chosen industrial hemp as raw material for our insulation products. 

By using hemp from Austria (particularly from the Lower Austrian village Hanfthal) we ensure a strong regional and sustainable added value.

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Hemp is naturally very resistant and barely vulnerable for any pests. Therefore no herbicides or pesticides at all are being used for cultivating hemp. Furthermore the hemp plant improves significantly the soil quality and can be grown on marginal lands or in water protection areas. During its growth hemp bonds twice as much CO2 as trees. That´s why our insulation made of hemp contributes to a great extend to the reduction of the worldwide CO2 emissions. Approximately 5 tonnes of CO2 are being conserved by insulating only one family house.